Born in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Started the University of Economics but graduated after studying Photography, Design,
Screenwriting and Narrative Film as filmmaker and screenwriter from the Film School of Uruguay.

He enjoys taking pictures, especially in travels, and loves the so-called  “magical realism”,
explained as storytelling in colourful mix of fantasy, reality and imagination.

He works since 2005 as editor, assistant director and director in the advertisement branche.
He directed music videos, short films, documentaries and corporate videos in Uruguay, Perú and Germany.

Since 2000 he arranges annually self-funded trips, in order to experience new cultures, people, flavors and landscapes to discover new stories to tell and to portraits.

So far he achieved international photography expositions in Uruguay, China, Russia, Bolivia and Germany.

At the moment, while developing their personal projects, he works and lives in Munich, Germany.

Martin Urrutia Resume